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Trying to make a Contra/Metal Slug like game

2010-12-15 14:31:01 by Breaking-Moon

i am using the new Games Factory Software. Anyone wanna help?


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2010-12-25 14:08:09

Merry Christmas!


2012-06-07 10:41:13

You got me interested in game making again.
Are you working on a game right now?

Breaking-Moon responds:

no i am not. I don't even have experience making games actually. This topic was posted 2 years ago. I was inspired to make a 2D shooter like Contra III or Metroid like game.

If anything i want to make a Metroid game but continuing after Fusion. I have a great idea to start if off too, but i am not sure what to use to make it.

If i can't make a game I will just make more animated shorts using sprites.